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Parker Foundation

Published on Aidpage by IDILOGIC on Dec 28, 2005

Basic info

Name: Parker Foundation
Address: RICHMOND, VA 23229-6808
Web site: no data
Type: Private non-operating foundation

Organization activities as reported to IRS

NTEE category (what is NTEE?)


Religious organizations whose form of Christian faith and practice originated with the principles of the Reformation. Incuded are Protestant Churches and their ministries, missions or missionary activities, bible camps and schools, and bible distribution programs.
Includes: Baptists; Congregationalists; Episcopalians; Jehovah Lutherans; Mennonites; Methodists; Pentecostal churches; Presbyterians; Quakers (Friends); Salvationists; Seventh Day Adventists.
NTEE broader category


Organizations whose primary purpose is worship, religious training or study, governance or administration of organized religions, or the promotion of religious activities.
Includes: churches, synagogues, mosques and other places of worship; associations of churches; religious orders; church auxiliaries; missions; and religious publishing activities and media.
Excludes: other organizations operated under the auspices of specific religious groups such as educational institutions, hospitals or social service agencies; or separately organized graduate schools of theology.

Financial data as reported to IRS for tax period ending: Jun 1, 2004

Assets: $3,746,600
Total Revenue: No Info
Income: $850,281

IRS registration data

IRS registered name: PARKER FOUNDATION
IRS district of jurisdiction: Virginia-West Virginia
Federal EIN: 54-1770265
Ruling date: Apr 1, 1997
Classified by IRS as: Charitable Organization

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